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Are You Losing Your Precious Memories?
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All the older forms of image storage are reaching the point of destruction. Your old colour slides are fadeing, the home movies are becoming brittle.
Heat and humidity are takeing their toll. Your VHS tapes, the most delicate media of all, already have one foot in the grave.
Do you still have a working film projector, or has it been forgotten and broken? Rips, tears and missing limbs! We can repair those faded photos and provide you with a clean spanking new digital image.

Slides Copied

Slides are digitally copied and placed onto a DVD. We can also create a self runing slide show with professional transitions and music or your own naration.

We normally work with 35mm sizes, but are able to handle colour slides or negatives up to 6x 7 cm.

35mm mounted slides

Set Up Charge $20.00
$1.00 per slide (1-120)
$.90 per slide ( 121-300)

$.80 per slide (300-1000)
$.75 per slide (1000 - 2000)
$.65 per slide (2000-3000)

$.35 per slide (3000-6000)

Prices may vary depending on exact format and condition of supplied materials.

VHS Tapes

Becaue VHS tape is both an extremely fragile medium as well as a source of average quality images, it requires immediate copying before the recorded magnetic information has deteriorated too much to provide anything to work from.

VHS tapes are played in real time and captured digitally, then recorded onto DVD media as a self running video.

Single Tape (1-2 Hour) $20.00

photo by Stuart Blower

8, 16 mm Film

Our transfer process, uses a special film scanner to copy each frame of the supplied film into a digital format.

The footage is never reshot from a projector. This ensures the final digital copy will have non of the usual flickering tht is usually seen in rephotographed projected copies

Set Up Charge $20.00
50 ft reel (3 in.) $15.00


retouchng by Stuart Blower

Old Photos

Our most common requests concern fading and damaged family pictures, that need restoration and repair.

Older process photos have a surprising amount of detail in them, which usually means they can be enlarged to make larger prints.

We can also work with various glass negatives, tin types.

Quote provided on a per hour basis.


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