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Photo Security For Your Home or BusinessHome Photo Security

A complete photographic record of your home or business contents, done with a high resolution still camera.

Each image is capable of providing high resolution detail that can be examined on your computer.

Collections, antiques, jewellery or memorabilia are clearly documented by the photography, allowing you to have photo records suitable for appraisal of all your valuables.


A Complete Home Photo Security package

Home Photo Security package

Advantages of High Resolution Still Images
Complete photo record for insurance purposes.

Saved as a PDF document for easy reference. Convenient viewing on any computer.

The PDF file can contain high resolution images. You will be able to zoom in and see minute
details in the photos.

The PDF, electronic booklet format, allows you to browse each page for as long as you want.

Individual pages can be printed out as “hard copy” or e-mailed.

Pages are indexed and titled for quick reference.

The PDF file can be password protected.


We can also supply a Video record of your home or business contents viewable with any DVD player.

Your may prefer to have a convenient DVD complete with Chapters and index, that shows your precious collectables or family heirlooms.

Business owners can use a high quality Video to make a fast accurate record of company assets.

We Provide Complete Documentation
We photograph each room from several angles to properly display all of your contents. Objects of special interest or value can be photographed separately.

Stored on a DVD, as a PDF document complete with text descriptions and serial numbers, available for
viewing and printing on any computer.

Multiple copies can be made and stored off-site, with your insurance agent, in a bank safety deposit box or left with family or friends.


• One DVD containing PDF electronic booklet, Adobe Acrobat Reader software.
• One DVD containing High resolution photo files, low resolution photos suitable for e-mail.
• One “Hard Bound” printed book with DVD pouch
• A second “copy” of the DVD (PDF) that can be stored off-site.