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Stuart Blower



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She is also an excellent nature photographer and can usually be seen exploring the local forest trails.


Stuart Blower
Stuart has been involved with cameras since he was 10 years old, when a class trip with the family brownie (12 exposures) started him on his long association with photography. He has been a professional photographer since 1975, when he worked for Metroland Publishing as a staff photographer and finally the chief photographer.

Since then he has worked as a feature editor and writer. He has beeen a digital imaging consultant for flexo and offset printers as well as web printers.

He has mentored as a publisher and provided digital consultation and training for newspapers and graphics departments.

Most recently he has been the Graphics Instructor for Durham Business and Computing College.


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Stuart Blower's early career in photojournalism has provided invaluable experience in learning how to deal with the unexpected and always looking for "just the right moment



Barbara Blower
Barbara Blower has lived in the area most of her life and is intimately acquainted with the happenings of Uxbridge and the surrounding areas.

Barbara is an experienced project manager and client consultant, always ready to listen and offer unique suggestions for improving your business performance and visibility.

Barbara is often seen carrying a second camera and providing additional photo coverge from her own unique point of view.


photo by Barbara Blower

photo by Barbara Blower  
  photo by Barbara Blower