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Photography Workshop - Two 4 hour sessions
The spacing of the two sessions will provide an opportunity for the student to put the first lessons into practise and then return a week later for a review and further instruction.

Stuart Blower
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Stuart is an award winning photographer with years of experience producing memorable images.
He is an experienced commercial photographer and photojournalist who enjoys an excellent reputation for producing results....more

"Stuart is an excellent teacher who is able to explain and illustrate with clarity and simplicity, so that anyone can understand."

Workshop Part A

Sunday 12 - 4 pm
March 17, 2013,
Uxbridge Library Meeting Room

This course will provide an understanding of your digital camera's capabilities as well as a sound base for learning and understanding how to take better more advanced photographs

1) Exposure:
• The automatic functions
• Shutter Speed and Aperture combinations
• Working with Programmed Options (Modes)
• ISO What does it mean?

2) Camera Mechanics
• Focusing
• Auto tracking
• Selective F ocus
• Metering Modes

• Image quality and memory cards
• Photo formats , RAW, TIFF, Jpeg

3) On Assignment
• Shooting decisions
• Tripods and Monopods
• Slow shutter techniques
• Lens decisions

4) Homework Discussion
Homework assignments will be explored and discussed in order to give the student some idea of how to start there personal project.


Workshop Part B

Sunday 12 - 4 pm
March 24, 2013,
Uxbridge Library Meeting Room

Turn theory into practice.
Students will be able to review the previous session highlights and take part in a critique of homework that will serve as an introduction to the more formal aspects of composition and exposure.

1) Composition:
• The Rule of Thirds
• Selective Focus
• Depth of Field
• Creating motion
• Point of view

2) Working with Available Light
• Available lighting
• Portraits
• Scenic's

3) Flash and Multiple Lighting
• Portraits and groups
• Outdoor fill
• Time exposures

4) Putting It All Together
Although students are encouraged to ask questions any time during the lecture and demonstrations, this time period is specifically set aside to allow the student to clarify anything we have previously discussed.


This is definitely a "Hands On Equipment" workshop.

Please bring your camera and any equipment you would like to work with, (extra lens, tripods, flash etc.) Please bring your cameral manual, if you are not confident with your individual camera controls.

Students will be encouraged to participate in mini "hands on" sessions during the lecture and demonstrations.

2 Day workshop series $185.00 per person
(This artist discount price is currenty available to everyone who signs up during February. Regular non UAA member price $200.00)

Sunday March 17 & 24,
12:00 pm - 4:00 p.m.

For more info: call 905-852-2729
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